You want beautiful hair? Just add chemicals!

So, I have a thing for old magazines, I just love them. And judging by the number I have they love me too.

Old mags are a proper glimpse into the past. Even funnier than the fiction (I mean who wouldn’t be enthralled by “The House of Hate” in 6 episodes?) are the advertisements.

Here are a couple I dug out of a 1960s New Idea magazine. I especially like how the girl gets nice curls then gets to suck-face with a disembodied guy’s head. Go girls! Those guys don’t stand a chance.

Ad for hair curling chemicals

Even better is the one about adding curls to baby’s hair.  Because that’s what you want to do… soak your little darling’s head in chemicals. What could go wrong? It’s great for cradle cap too apparently. Removing a layer of skin works great for that. Where was this stuff when my kids were little?! On the banned list probably.


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From little things big things grow…

So. I should be working but decided time was right for a cleanup.  I have a lot of those. Anyone who knows me in real life is laughing their heads right off now. I am renowned for filing things in the big bin but never emptying it. For piling things up until they fall over then putting more stuff on top.

Here is my reward for having clear and visible desk top.

This is a big deal in my cluttered office universe. Cluttered…messy….whatevs.

Pretty candleEnjoying it while it lasts … the candle, not the desk which I know from experience will not last. Frangipani.  My favourite.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! A new year of creativity and fun awaits. This means you too!

Here are some sage words from Albert Einstein. Perfect. Unless you are a surgeon or an electrician, in which case disregard entirely.

Imagination is more important then knowledge (Albert Einstein)

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Fitz the wondercat

So… we had a pet Armageddon this year leading to a total absence of furry loveables in our house. After a period of weeping and wailing we decided it was time to start again and start we did with the addition of Fitz the (Fabulous and Tiny) Tonkinese.
Little kitten Kitten asleep, tinyA cross between a Siamese and a Burmese they really are an amazing breed.  Doesn’t everyone say that about their cat?  “Really…we have the most amazing cat”.

But in our case it’s true. Honestly. He FETCHES.  Like a dog.

Cat fetching a toy

And he’s a bit of a dude.

Cat with attitude, elbow up

Go Fitz.


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Well hello

Okay… yeah… well… *shrugs*

So it’s been a while.  Where does the time GO I hear you all cry. I don’t know either.

Hey, I joined Facebook.  You can see my Look Mama page here. Universe, please like me. I like you.

I have been there for about three days now.  My usual state of being is this….

Screaming woman

I think I’ve accidentally spammed my friends, I messaged someone I didn’t even know, I liked something so stupid I can’t even tell you what it was and then couldn’t make them disappear forever… and who knows what else.

My kids just look at me and laugh. Oh how they laugh.

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I’m not messy, I’m creative

Book cover: THe life-changing magic of tidying upIt’s no secret among those who know me well that I seem to spend a Great Deal of Time cleaning up. Yet, it would be fair to say, I always seem to be in a bit of a mess. When everything is looking good it’s at least a few percentage points worse on the “My home is a temple” scale than it was the last time I cleaned up.

It’s true that as a kid my dad gave me a t-shirt that said I’m not messy, I’m creative.  It had a cute Boynton pig on it all covered in paint. He also snipped a Hagar the Horrible cartoon for me that said something like “Oh I see you’ve finally tidied your room” … and all the stuff was in a big pile outside the window. As if I’d do that.  I used to sweep it all under the bed.

The very best cleanups occur prior to my mother-in-law visiting.  She’s great, I like her a lot… which might be why I put in an extra million miles of effort.  Just so I can go, “Sorry about the mess, been so busy”.  Ha.  She knows this.  I’ve told her.  She’s that kind of good.

So anyway…  I saw write-ups for “the life-changing art of tidying up”.  Then I saw this YouTube by the author, Marie Kondo.  She is cute as a button.  I just know if she came to my house we would be friends forever.  After I revived her from the shock of seeing my messy piles-o-stuff universe. And after she rescued me from under a toppled mountain of mess.


Yes, I’ve ordered the book. How could I not?

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The top 5 best ever gift wrapping tips. You’re welcome.

Beautifully wrapped giftsEveryone loves a beautifully wrapped present. They do. I, however, find that the shoddily wrapped present is also adored, especially by the children who have no appreciation of finer points and just want what’s inside. There is a certain joy in being able to tear through the wrapping and rip it to bits in unbridled eagerness to get to whatever is inside — plus, the big pile of shredded wreckage is the perfect present for the cat. Bargain.

I also feel chuffed at having saved myself $10 on designer wrapping paper and special ribbon.  I know, how tight is that? But I’d rather spend $5 more on the present. Then that’s $5 extra for you and $5 extra for me. You know it makes sense.

Whilst my favoured wrapping methods may be cheap, there is no excuse for them not to be fun. Top five wrapping tips are:

  1. The very best wrapping paper is newspaper. Kids particularly appreciate the cartoon section.
  2. Use much tape. In fact make your present look like it is laminated. Will guarantee lots of whining as people wait for their turn.
  3. When tying ribbons always use double or even triple knots. Hide the scissors on Christmas morning and watch people gnaw through the ribbon. Those shreds stuck in their teeth are hilarious. Extra points if Nana’s false teeth come loose.
  4. Disguise the gift. If it is an Eiffel Tower money box probably handy to use bubble wrap or a box so it is not immediately apparent as being the Eiffel Tower. Note: If the gift is a puppy or a kitten, bubble wrap is not recommended.
  5. Prolong the unwrapping experience. Wrap one box inside another, inside another > repeat. The excitement is palpable, especially after the third or fourth box.  Of course the best present after all that effort is something really little. Like a peanut.

For an unintentionally amusing video of how to wrap a gift “professionally” see here. Personally I think sticking the paper TO the present to get the creased “I paid for this wrapping” look is cheating. It also wrecks the box.

Luckily they have chosen to wrap their gift in a crappy Amazon box instead of taking it out first. Good to see I have some standards.

The beautifully wrapped gift image is from the Flickr stream of Premier Packaging
Note to family: none of your presents are going to look like this.

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