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All bar nun

There is a bar (or rather “meeting place”) near me called All Bar Nun. Chuckle chuckle.  Once I finish my course in hard sell I might have to flog them this card. I know I could turn it into a … Continue reading

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Now here’s a thought…. be creative just for fun

The web has made the world smaller by opening up avenues of thought and vision that would never have been possible when our only avenue was what we saw in books. This expanded vision of what the world is up … Continue reading

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Helvetica strikes again — Helveticards

I know, I know, there are people who hate Helvetica and are currently frothing at the mouth over this post. Let’s face it, there are plenty of other fonts that are way more hilarious to hate (Brush Script, Comic Sans). … Continue reading

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Maru and The Bridge Too Far (aka The Box Too Big)

Must be time for a little silliness. I thought this amusing until I got to about 55 seconds. Then I laughed out loud until I sounded like that cartoon dog Mutley. I sounded like I was having some kind of … Continue reading

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How to make devilled eggs, a chalkboard recipe

Okay, yes, another “egg post” hot on the heals of one yesterday. But no egg intervention necessary —I don’t like boiled eggs much, but I DO like this clever little film.  It’s fabulous. For egg lovers and typography lovers alike…. How … Continue reading

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Sumptuous Sunday: Feathery friends and frostbite

I wonder which one is worse for you > Eggs Benedict OR French toast. Hmmmm…. I might just have to try them both. The time to call for an intervention would be… no, not quite yet.  The French toast was for … Continue reading

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I heart Dr Seuss…

A quote from the Dr Seuss book “Happy Birthday to you” Words to live by from Dr Seuss. If you ever want to read some really apt, pithy, meaningful quotes, search for any quote page featuring him. It’s true, Dr … Continue reading

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