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You are so beautiful

I could have titled this post “let there be peace” as this is a climbing Peace rose. So long ago, a dear old friend (who started out as my landlady) bought me a book on the whole “peace rose” story. … Continue reading

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Take the dog on a trip

Take the dog on a trip… to the hospital.  Because that’s where I would end up with a bike attachment like this.  I have nothing against the product… it looks ACE … look at that happy woman and her ecstatic … Continue reading

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Almost Melbourne Cup day—get your hats on!

A couple of years ago I posted this little pattern on race day.  Mainly because I FOUND it on race day… which race? Melbourne Cup of course. Australia’s Spring Carnival premier event. Here, you have a well, okay… a few … Continue reading

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Let me off the lead. Go on, let me off. I’ll be so good.

I took our allergy dog on a road trip to see his super duper veterinary team in Camden yesterday.  On a short pit stop he was bouncing around BEGGING and pleading to be let off the lead. He can hear … Continue reading

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Martha who?

I’ll say it > I’m no Martha Gardener.  I tidy house… but not too well. I garden… sporadically.  I bake… but not often. Don’t get me started on sewing or knitting. Well, the other day I decided to bake. I … Continue reading

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What I know

It’s never over. Unless you give up. Then it’s over. And you gave up. Quilting Muriel—a 94 year old Twitter sensation. @QuiltingMuriel

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Now you can send the best Christmas cards ever!

Ah… Christmas is (almost) in the air. I suspect, however, that “sweet scent” I smell is not so sweet after all, but is actually the sweaty smell of fear and desperation. Relax! No longer need you be the sender of the … Continue reading

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