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Perfect gift for the Twitter addict

Do you have Twitter withdrawals any time you get the Twitter fail whale? Or any time there is no internet connection? Want to annoy the Twitter-phobe in the office? Fear not dear Twits, this one is for you. Okay, and for … Continue reading

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It’s Valentine’s Day! I love you, yes, I really do.

Well, okay, I don’t know you that well… let’s just be good friends, yeah? Boop oop de doo is  a Look Mama! card, available here.  

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The Strandbeast lives

Artist creator Theo Jansen makes skeletons that walk on the wind. Now I’ve never said this ever… but totally amazeballs or what?

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Logos: hear what a five year old thinks

This has been making the rounds on Twitter lately. Thought you might like to have a look. I did briefly consider that the kid was actually a 35 year old doing a little girl voice but decided that would be … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day: a gift guide for the unwary

Yes, I say a guide because the list of things you can give your loved one on Valentine’s Day is so very, very long. Get it wrong though and any of these gifts could well result in “So long, get out, … Continue reading

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I love you. You are my kind of nut.

Okay, so it’s true, squirrels bury their nuts in the garden. Let’s not over think this. It’s all about the adoration. “You are my kind of nut” is one of mine, you can check it out here along with some other … Continue reading

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Daily reward: goes moo

I finally got my act together and started walking the dogs properly. I’m such a lousy owner.  We have a huge backyard and they chase each other.  Still, I know, I know, getting OUT is great. Now though, I can’t … Continue reading

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