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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! A new year of creativity and fun awaits. This means you too! Here are some sage words from Albert Einstein. Perfect. Unless you are a surgeon or an electrician, in which case disregard entirely.

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I’m not messy, I’m creative

It’s no secret among those who know me well that I seem to spend a Great Deal of Time cleaning up. Yet, it would be fair to say, I always seem to be in a bit of a mess. When … Continue reading

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Hello blossom!

You know when everything gets a bit much and one rubbish thing happens after another? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Well, things have been a bit like that lately. I’ve decided to stop listing it all to anyone … Continue reading

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Sieze the limitation. The art of the imperfect.

I found this wandering around on StumbleUpon. Usually I have too short an attention span to watch anything (I’m hopeless like that… send me an email joke longer than a paragraph and I wont read it) but I watched this. … Continue reading

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Just grin and wear it

The ongoing flood of makeover shows disturbs me. I can’t flick to another station quick enough. Self-absorbed as we humans tend to be, we can nearly all find a little something we’d like to improve, shift a little, trim off … Continue reading

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Now here’s a thought…. be creative just for fun

The web has made the world smaller by opening up avenues of thought and vision that would never have been possible when our only avenue was what we saw in books. This expanded vision of what the world is up … Continue reading

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