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You are a Comic Sans criminal

I so wish I’d thought of this. Begin your Comic Sans rehabilitation here. Even if you haven’t committed Comic Sans crimes it’s a good read and on the last screen you can dob in a Comic Sans criminal. Go for … Continue reading

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Postcards don’t have to be boring…really, they just don’t

Postcards are boring?  Well, they don’t have to be. I love a good pic of the Eiffel Tower as much as the next person, but I love even more a postcard that is a bit off the beam.  Something that … Continue reading

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Knitting nanna

Knitting.  Okay, *whispers* I’m not actually very good at it. I can knit a mean scarf, it’s true.  But it’s mean because it will curl up like a long blue strangley snake which is not exactly what you want around … Continue reading

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Fabulous Friday!

It’s Friday, hurrah! These two recently moved into my office setting up home on top of the computer. Now, if I was a proper creative blogger I would have a) called them cuties even though they are just bits of … Continue reading

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Positive parenting? Doing it by the book…

Damn, some more great ideas DONE! I don’t even need to buy the books, just reading the covers is a hoot. Monsters eat whiny children. Once upon a time were two kids called Henry and Eve who used to whine … Continue reading

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You just can’t beat a Sunday

Sundays are my very favourite day. And they feel a little bit like this.  Okay, a lot like this. Wishing a wriggly, happy, warm Sunday to you all!

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Kenny Everett, my favourite delicious dumpling

I heart Kenny Everett, it’s true. Years ago Dad and I heard a snippet of the Aspel show on the radio.  We both cried with laughter. I didn’t know it was from the Aspel show and I’ve been looking for … Continue reading

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