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Happy weekend! Butterscotch muffins anyone, anyone?

Happy weekend everyone! Go on, give it a go, recipe below… This recipe came to me a few years ago from my friend Sandy so I can’t really take much credit for it (but I will) and, quite frankly, it … Continue reading

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It pays to read the fine print…

If you send this adorable little girl to your dear, sweet old Nanna you might be getting a phone call… and not the one where she’s asking what you spend her $20 on. Dear Santa Christmas card by Look Mama!

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Gypsy Tutu

Now I am pretty sure these are just for little girls.  Well in fact I am sure, but I so wish they could be for grownups too, although I suspect they would not be quite so cute on a girl of … Continue reading

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Awwww, Ladybug push pins

It might be my unrealised desire to go around stabbing things that make me like these little pins. But really, they are darn cute (did I just turn into one of the Waltons?). These stabby little bugs would make good … Continue reading

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This Halloween, just skull it

It took me a while to admit it, but I kinda like the whole skull thing.  Some of them are hideous and too death metal for me but other ones are sweet, you know in a creepy cool kind of … Continue reading

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Dogs, dogs, dogs

I’d like to start by saying you CAN indeed be a cat person and a dog person at the same time. True.  I have a cat and a couple of dogs. I love them all and think they are each … Continue reading

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REMO General Store

Launched in 1988 in Sydney, the Remo General Store mission was simple. “To seek out and celebrate Quality & Passion in people and merchandise gathered together from all over the world.” I really miss the actual store they used to have … Continue reading

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