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Cat. Box. Cat IN box. Easy, yes?

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for this cat to hop in that box… keep watching, it’s funny.  Funny if you like cats.  If you don’t like cats you would just … Continue reading

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Market manners

Another Handmade Market done and dusted. A new venue at the National Convention Centre in Canberra and a fresh bright start to the year. It was a top day filled with lovely, laughing people. So saying, enjoyable as it was, … Continue reading

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It’s Handmade Market time! Happy weekend people.

Does a little blog wishing you a happy weekend count in the Post a Week 2011 challenge? It better because the week has flown by like a bat out of Hell and I haven’t written a thing. A busy week … Continue reading

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A short guide to unrecommendable Valentine’s Day gifts

Yes, I say a short guide because the list of things you should not give your loved one on Valentine’s Day is so very, very long. Give any of these gifts and it could well be so long buster, get … Continue reading

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Chalk it up to experience… and talent

Chalk. Dusty. Fingernails on chalk boards > shudder. Speaking of chalk boards, I remember getting chalk thrown at me for talking in maths (he missed, and now he’s probably dead from old age. Sad? No). Whilst I admire the skill of the … Continue reading

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I love you. You are my kind of nut.

Valentine’s Day. Aww. Yes, racing up on us is the day to remind your loved one why you love them so much. Why you love them so much despite their funny toes, the wet towels on the bed, the incessant snoring … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with the children Sir?

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this. The video was posted by the marvelous Mia Makila on her blog, you can check it out here. But I found this little gem re-posted on one of my favourite … Continue reading

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