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Hooray! The perfect suggestion for Christmas leftovers.

What is the perfect suggestion for all those Christmas leftovers? Throw them out. Really. Well, if you can’t bring yourself to do that, you can up-cycle them through the cat or dog first. No cooked bones though people or you … Continue reading

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A Christmas message from Look Mama!

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Jules Verne: the man who invented the future

Yes, Jules Verne > way interesting, brainiac, man ahead of his time … I get that … but in this book about the great man it’s the illustrations that really do it for me. Illustrated in 1964 by Peter Plasencia, … Continue reading

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Christmas is next week … time to panic and freak out!

I keep a copy of my very own Keep Calm poster on my phone. You know, in case I get trapped in a lift or locked in a haunted house with a bunch of Glee fanatics. There are, of course, spoof … Continue reading

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The thrift store paintings never looked so good…

You know the old landscape that adorns many a holiday shack you used to visit as a kid… or the painting on the back of the toilet door at your aunty’s house… well now you can look upon them with … Continue reading

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Oh, that’s lovely* (*why did you buy me that?)

Now, you know it’s going to happen. Statistics say it happens to each and every one of us at least once each Christmas. SOMEONE is going to give you something god-awful. A special something.  You either don’t quite know what … Continue reading

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Silly season survival tip: Hangover “assistance”

Yes sorry, there is no cure… there is only assistance. I have it on good advice the best way to avoid hangovers is to stay away from alcohol. No, that’s not it.  To stay drunk. There you go. Full stop. … Continue reading

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