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Eggs Benedict, you make my heart sing (in a good way, not a death-metal way)

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog front this week what with urgent jobs coming at me left right and centre. What is it about end of financial year that makes people go mad and need to empty the … Continue reading

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Maru, the funniest cat in the world, rides again

Okay, we all know I like Maru the Wondercat from Japan. I mean who wouldn’t? He’s one big fat furball of personality. Team him up with my latest love, ukulele band Hundred Little Reasons, and you have a hit. It’s a … Continue reading

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Take note!

I confess to having a little stationery weakness. That sounds like a lazy illness but no…  I love notecards, notepaper, funny little books of postcards, you name it. So I finally did up a few little notebooks for myself (and … Continue reading

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The romance of years gone by…

She turned away from a career, to meet romance and excitement in a quiet backwater. Yes. “Backwater” says excitement to me. You? Before you go thinking this is a book blog, it’s not.  When I was hunting around for books that I … Continue reading

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She’s a very bad dog. Very bad.

I like the garden.  I don’t get much time to do anything good to it right now, but it’s in pretty good shape. As I charged down to feed our four chooks (aka chickens) I was stopped in my tracks … Continue reading

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