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Christmas comes…whether you like it or not

Yes, yes, I know it’s only October. But have you looked in the shops lately?  Christmas is, apparently, in full swing. And since I sell Christmas cards I’m afraid it is my solemn duty to show you some new funnies … Continue reading

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Knitting nanna

Knitting.  Okay, *whispers* I’m not actually very good at it. I can knit a mean scarf, it’s true.  But it’s mean because it will curl up like a long blue strangley snake which is not exactly what you want around … Continue reading

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Kenny Everett, my favourite delicious dumpling

I heart Kenny Everett, it’s true. Years ago Dad and I heard a snippet of the Aspel show on the radio.  We both cried with laughter. I didn’t know it was from the Aspel show and I’ve been looking for … Continue reading

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More marvellous Maru

I can’t help it. He’s funny. If you can’t be bothered watching the whole thing at least watch the bit at 1:11. My cat wandered past as I was fiddling with my video camera and gave me a look that … Continue reading

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Maru and The Bridge Too Far (aka The Box Too Big)

Must be time for a little silliness. I thought this amusing until I got to about 55 seconds. Then I laughed out loud until I sounded like that cartoon dog Mutley. I sounded like I was having some kind of … Continue reading

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Coulda, woulda, shoulda…?

“Men may flirt with girls like that but they don’t marry them…” Ah, a memorable quote from early on in Gone with the Wind by one of the uptight prissy girls jealous of fabulously vivacious Scarlett. Those words apply to much … Continue reading

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