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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! A new year of creativity and fun awaits. This means you too! Here are some sage words from Albert Einstein. Perfect. Unless you are a surgeon or an electrician, in which case disregard entirely.

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I’ve been having a little snooze…

You know the feeling.  One minute you’re…. The next minute you’re…. That’s a bit what this blog has been like for the past few months! Sorry. But then, I did promise in the beginning that if I didn’t have anything … Continue reading

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Hold on tight, here we go again!

Yes. Here we go again on another whirlwind trip around the sun. Good luck everyone for a safe, healthy, happy and downright awesome (in a good way) journey!  

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Happy ‘One Week Old’ Year

A brand new year, full of fresh hope and endless possibilities. Already one week down, shitloads to go. The New Year is off and running. Running like the dog at bath time (fast). Okay, so this particular dog decided to … Continue reading

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