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Nothing says “Christmas” quite like a marvellous mo

A couple of years ago I bought this image. It had the description of “Man from Cleveland with inexplicable mo”. That was enough for me > sold. All you Movember wannabees are shrivelling in your boots before his ‘tache.  I know … Continue reading

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Christmas is once a year… YouTube is forever!

The silly season is bearing down upon us… it will soon be time to let down your hair and reward yourself for… well, for something. Who cares?  Party on people! But remember… Mr iPhone is likely watching  you, lurking in … Continue reading

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Jellyfish art

Oh wow, oh wow… LOOK what landed in my inbox today.  Jellyfish art. I adore jellyfish.  Okay, so not the hurty kind. Those can go through the boat propeller any day. But the floaty gorgeous kind… yes please. I do … Continue reading

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Decorate a great Christmas tree without even trying (or caring)

Yes, a repost from last year. Hey, can I help it if it remains relevant year after year? Read on… December 1 fast approaches. Our tree always gets decorated the first weekend of December. Never fear, the Christmas tree zone … Continue reading

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Hobbit love

My most favourite book ever. I. Can’t Wait.

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Librarians rock

I have a lovely friend who is a librarian. Well she was one, now she is something else.  I suspect however that like teachers, doctors and engineers… once one, always one. I think she will like this poster.  Or she … Continue reading

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Graphic designers unite…

Yes. Graphic designers unite in the knowledge that other designers suffer the same as you do. Can we make the logo bigger?  Can you just Photoshop that so we can see it from the front? What do you mean, white … Continue reading

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