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Being clever at craft is no excuse

Another in our endless series of cards we could have made… and maybe should have made…but didn’t.  In a perfect world we would just print them up anyway, but hey, “viable“ is a word that looms large in the business … Continue reading

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Vale Elizabeth, Elizabeth the great.

Today we lost one of the great acting talents and most astounding beauties of our time. As you’ve no doubt heard, the wonderful Elizabeth Taylor is gone. As I think with admiration about her I think with wonder “Wow, what … Continue reading

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Irregular flow

Irregular flow?  Oh, charming. It is though, it really is….  Okay so that music is giving me a headache.  But other than that. Wow. Irregular flow is by Ozan Tekin

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They draw. And cook. Clever.

If you are stuck for something to cook check out They draw & cook.  Actually, strike that, check them out anyway.  Recipes submitted by artists. No one is saying they can cook. But they sure can draw/paint/whatever. I think the … Continue reading

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Fat cat on diet? Not exactly.

Not a fat cat on a diet.  A fat cat stuck in a diet soda box. Irony, thy name is Maru. Maru, the Japanese cat from my previous video post. He’s fine apparently, not earthquake affected. He could lose a little … Continue reading

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Moving out? Keep yourself nice—ten top tips

Eventually there comes a time when we all move out of home. Well, most of us. Yes okay, I moved back a couple of times before I left for good but eventually my parents gave me the boot. I designed … Continue reading

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Etiquette shmetiquette: 6 simple rules for starters

Etiquette: those little rules, often unwritten, that help grease the wheels of polite society and make every day just that little bit nicer. Nicer, now there’s a word. We’ll get on to namby pamby words another day. 1. Multitasking Apparently … Continue reading

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