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Junker Jane

I can’t sew. It’s okay, no sympathy required, it’s a fact. I made an apron in Year 9 and it survived long enough to get marked, then the straps fell off in the wash. So saying, I admire people who can sew. … Continue reading

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Hello petal

I love a pretty flower, it’s true. Just ask me how many flower pics I have in addition to the ones above… I’ll tell you — bazillions. I even love the weird ones.  Although, come to think of it,  I could give that giant … Continue reading

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What would you do without it?

I have been waiting to see if the bird trend abates but it seems to be going strong. That’s fine with me because I am a sucker for little sweet bird things. I don’t necessarily buy them, I just like … Continue reading

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Etsy find: pretty pretty baubles by Leah Sawyer

I am a bit of a bower bird, it’s true.  I like collecting all manner of pretty things… and these are about the prettiest I have found in a long, long time. So pretty, in fact, that I want them … Continue reading

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I want one.  That’s all I have to say. I really, really want one. Actually, I want ten of them joined together and in different sizes. It’s. Just. So. Cool.

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Char… what? Chartreuse (shar-trooz)

I’m  a graphic designer.  I know colours.  Right?  Right. Well it was not always the case.  For years I never quite knew what chartreuse was. For some reason I thought it was pink.  But no, it’s not. Now of course, I know … Continue reading

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Mrs Stephen Fry

Now here is a very loose recount of a conversation I had a couple of months ago… Q: Are you on Twitter? A:  Uh, are you kidding? No no nopety-no no, what a waste of time. I have, however, <coughs> a slight confession to make.  … Continue reading

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