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Christmas comes…whether you like it or not

Yes, yes, I know it’s only October. But have you looked in the shops lately?  Christmas is, apparently, in full swing. And since I sell Christmas cards I’m afraid it is my solemn duty to show you some new funnies … Continue reading

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Oliver Jeffers. Oh yeah baby.

You must have heard of Oliver Jeffers.  You have, haven’t you? I say that like I’ve been in on the Jeffers secret from the beginning but I only found him through a blog a year or two ago. The interwebs … Continue reading

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Search and you will find…

When I was a little kid my grandmother gave me a birthday card that instantly imprinted itself on my mind.  I loved it.  I was never a girly, prissy girl— no ribbons and frills for me—but this card, well, I … Continue reading

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They draw. And cook. Clever.

If you are stuck for something to cook check out They draw & cook.  Actually, strike that, check them out anyway.  Recipes submitted by artists. No one is saying they can cook. But they sure can draw/paint/whatever. I think the … Continue reading

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My kid could draw that (actually, I don’t think so)

The Monster Engine is a book by artist and author Dave Devries. It is the answer to his question What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? Actually they look pretty darn scary.  A-mazing, but scary. I wonder … Continue reading

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Blog love — Stuff no one told me

Did you know Alex Noriega is a 29 years old cartoonist from Barcelona who draws naked? There you are then, don’t say I never tell you anything interesting. There are many other intersting things to be found on his blog … Continue reading

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Creative love: Teesha Moore

For a bit of a brain shakeup and a dip into someone else’s way of thinking, visit Teesha’s Land of Odd. Teesha Moore is a veritable icon of the American journaling and craft scene. Journaling is where you paint draw, collage … Continue reading

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