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Sweet. True. Love.

This card was going to say “It’s true, dorks mate for life… oh sorry, STORKS mate for life”. I felt bad making fun of these sweet (yes, dorky) kids so I curbed that impulse and went with Sweet. True. Love. … Continue reading

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I love you Tooli, madly, deeply…

They’re night lights. Now, I don’t usually do this. But I want it. I might even get all Veruca Salt and say “Don’t care how, I want it now.” Yes, I am way too grown up to need a night … Continue reading

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Hooray Australia! (it’s Australia Day)

Australians love Australia day. We do. Not just because of our past history but because it is a chance to celebrate what’s great right now. We give a cheer for those who have done well and for those who have … Continue reading

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A few years ago a new chocolate lovers little piece of heaven on earth called Koko Black came to town and I had my very first chocolate affogato (warm Belgian hot chocolate poured over real vanilla bean icecream and soooooo very, very … Continue reading

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There’s nothing quite like a real book. There’s just not.

This made me smile. It will make you smile too, I just know it. It’s… well, it’s simply lovely.

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Vale Kristian Anderson, a beautiful person

Now, I don’t want to start the year by making you cry… but I’ve just heard of the death this morning of Kristian Anderson. He made this lovely film for his wife Rachel. Watch it. You’ll cry. Sorry about that … Continue reading

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