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You CAN judge a book by it’s cover… well, sometimes.

I often pick up a book because I like it’s cover. Okay, very often.  I am a designer, it’s what I do. I like to mull over why they put that there, used that font/image/whatever. I like to wonder at … Continue reading

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Growing up is optional. Pull my finger.

Sometimes we show you cards we didn’t print for one reason or another.  They are ones we really wanted to but just couldn’t, even though they were our favourites. Here the decision was (a) to print the nice card… or … Continue reading

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Seriously, cerise… not pink?

Yet another in our “What the heck colour is that?” series. Cerise.  Repeat after me > Suh-rees. Wonderful. So what it is? I always though it was pink, maybe a cross between lolly pink and hot pink. But no. Cerise … Continue reading

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Fun Friday kitschy kawaii to you all!

Kawaii.  Now don’t worry, I never knew what it was either.  Kawaii (pronounced the same as Hawaii but with a K) is the Japanese word for cute. Around the time of my birthday (when I can justify wasting money on … Continue reading

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C-c-cold enough (to let sleeping dogs lie)

Winter has come early to my southern part of Australia.  Coldest May on record.  Hooray. Minus 5 degrees Celsius last night.  I can hear some of you in other much colder countries scoffing at a piddling minus 5… but I’m … Continue reading

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Doggone funny

It must be time I put up a funny dog video. So far it’s all been cat, cat, cat.  You will begin to think I am a mad cat lady.  I’m not, honest. I think it is totally possible to … Continue reading

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Slanket versus Sluvet versus… oh dear me ….

It’s getting a mite chilly in this part of the world. I have taken to wearing a scarf in the house (we are el cheapo on the heating) and I have a blanket around me on the couch to keep … Continue reading

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