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Fitz the wondercat

So… we had a pet Armageddon this year leading to a total absence of furry loveables in our house. After a period of weeping and wailing we decided it was time to start again and start we did with the addition … Continue reading

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Has anyone ever told you… you could be a model baby, oh yeah

So I get myself set up to do a little product photography… I’ll give you a hint.  It’s a tail. “Oh hello. There you are. I’ve been freaking INVISIBLE behind here.” So, not much actual product photography, unless I decide the … Continue reading

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I’ve been having a little snooze…

You know the feeling.  One minute you’re…. The next minute you’re…. That’s a bit what this blog has been like for the past few months! Sorry. But then, I did promise in the beginning that if I didn’t have anything … Continue reading

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Your cat has something to tell you….

  It’s not my cat, but it may as well be.  Let’s face it, this is all our cats.

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And… action!

A screen entrance like no other.

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Laughed, laughed until I cried

Now this has to be the funniest cat clip ever. I am late to this party since four-million-plus people have seen it already and I only found it yesterday… after which the number of views went up by at least … Continue reading

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Hey lady, don’t look at me…

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