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You want beautiful hair? Just add chemicals!

So, I have a thing for old magazines, I just love them. And judging by the number I have they love me too. Old mags are a proper glimpse into the past. Even funnier than the fiction (I mean who wouldn’t be enthralled … Continue reading

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Let’s buy a plane! Yeah baby.

Fresh from the pages of National Geographic, March 1972 comes this beauty of an enticing ad. One of these days you’re going to get fed up with TV, crab grass, barbecue smoke and that whole dull story. You’ll look hard … Continue reading

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Does it come with a matching oxygen tank?

This ad was placed in Australian Home Beautiful way back in August 1959. Back in the day, asbestos cement sheeting was a beaut new roofing product to make your home the bees knees.  I bet the neighbours were jealous. Not so … Continue reading

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We have ConTact… and we’re not afraid to use it, unfortunately

ConTact… that sticky book covering material…. the bane of every mother’s life from the time her kids turn four until the time they turn 10 and can’t be bothered covering their books any more. It will ensure the books last … Continue reading

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Rue the day? Not likely!

Ahhhh, the person who creates effortless interior design, makes perfect choices, is the finder of fabulous vintage finds and the possessor of just the right knack for putting it all together…  I’d like to say that was me as I waft from room … Continue reading

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