Twitter treasures #1

I can only cope with one social media platform. I can admit it, I just can’t pay attention to any more things.

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn… no.

Well, I did half heartedly pin a couple of things a long time ago, but I’m just not into it. And I did join LinkedIn but it kept trying to put me in touch with people I can’t stand and never want to see again (unless it’s on the Court Appearances pages or, let’s face it, in the Obituary column). So I canned it.

I do Twitter though. Yes, there is a lot of nonsense on there.  But I like nonsense.

And sometimes you find a proper gem. Gems like these.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.17.40 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.34.47 AMScreen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.17.49 AM Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.19.13 AM Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.19.52 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 8.34.59 AM

Are you on Twitter? Pop up and say hello. My user name is @look_mama.

: )

About gillianloves

I decided there was not enough laughing in my life so I set to and started to design greeting cards in addition to my other design work. I'm happy to make people smile and to show that giving something really good takes as little effort as sending something pretty ordinary. I fully believe that if you can laugh about it someday you may as well laugh about it today. And also that we are just about as happy as we try to be. But you should know, Pollyanna I'm not. Even I might want to slap her after a day or so.
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5 Responses to Twitter treasures #1

  1. Cindi says:

    I don’t get it. Is it just random thoughts you “tweet”? do you use a cell phone or can you use a computer? See how ignorant I am. I’m on Facebook now and I spend way too much time on Pinterest and of course there’s my blog and I’m thinking about doing a website…but I don’t understand Twitter. Or actually why. and as far as LinkedIn…I shouldn’t say this without being sure that I have the correct information, but isn’t that run by some weird fanatic guy. Super religious and “women are here to serve their husbands” train of thought type, or maybe not. Might be thinking of the wrong person…
    I’m off to go “pin” something and also look up that guy and see if I’m confused.
    anyway…I just don’t get the tweet thing and obviously I ramble longer than 140 characters.

    • gillianloves says:

      Wow, I’ve never heard that about LinkedIn! It is kind of Facebook for professionals. Linking you up with people you know and people they know, job references, recommendations etc. I think it’s useless.

      Re Twitter > you tweet whatever you like. Some people are funny, some talk about day to day stuff. Some tweet great jokes and funny pictures. You don’t have to tweet anything you can just follow people you like to listen to. Eventually someone might say something you want to reply to. ie There would be vets and animal rescue tweeters, dog lovers, artists. There are of course awful people and rude people but you can ignore them or block them so they disappear from you.

      I have found a group of people I really like and it’s nice to chat with them.

      : )

  2. Some beauties here & I’ve pinned.

  3. Cindi says:

    dang it.
    right after reading your post I see where several other people have added “twitter” to their sidebar on their blogs and then Diane Sawyer said on the News to “tweet” her if you have any news or thoughts….and then you added the part about artists and animal lovers….
    crap. guess I’ll be tweeting soon.

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