Christmas is next week … now panic and freak out!

Keep calm and carry on posterI am pretty sure most of you have seen this poster resurrected from war-time Britain. It is a message of resolve we could all do with in these last frantic days before Christmas.

I keep a copy of my very own Keep Calm poster on my phone. You know, in case I get trapped in a lift or locked in a haunted house with a bunch of Glee fanatics.

There are, of course, spoof versions which spring to mind: Conjure a patronus and carry on being one of my favourites.

My other favourite is Now panic and freak out. It appeals to the side of me that gets sick of being so sensible, of being so chin up and on we go.

NOW PANIC AND FREAK OUT posterEvery now and again (like when that tarantula-sized ninja spider ran at me), there are times when dropping everything and doing the comedy running-on-the-spot screaming is GOOD for you. Of course, in the spider instance, running AWAY would have made more sense.

If you find, in your last shopping days, that Keep Calm and Carry on is not an option, go on and have a little freak out. Enjoy it. Embrace the hysterical you. Then suck it up, leave the trolley of stuff no one needs, go home and have a cup of tea. Give the grabby little monsters some money instead.

Happy weekend people!

“Keep Calm and Carry on” image is from the Etsy shop of sfgirlbybay
Now panic and Freak Out” image is from Cafe Press

About gillianloves

I decided there was not enough laughing in my life so I set to and started to design greeting cards in addition to my other design work. I'm happy to make people smile and to show that giving something really good takes as little effort as sending something pretty ordinary. I fully believe that if you can laugh about it someday you may as well laugh about it today. And also that we are just about as happy as we try to be. But you should know, Pollyanna I'm not. Even I might want to slap her after a day or so.
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3 Responses to Christmas is next week … now panic and freak out!

  1. I think I’ll go for the patronus option…

  2. Cindi says:

    I keep calm and then walk away and freak out….so I could use both. 🙂

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