Being clever at craft is no excuse

Look Mama! cropped card, little boy's faceAnother in our endless series of cards we could have made… and maybe should have made…but didn’t.  In a perfect world we would just print them up anyway, but hey, viable is a word that looms large in the business world.  A word that makes us pull “one of those faces” <cue the sucked a lemon face>

Still, we get to share them with you here instead… and that’s fun too.

On the left is the card we thought was funny but couldn’t bring ourselves to print. Imagine giving that to dear old Nanna. You just couldn’t, not matter what horrifying outfit she made up for you.

The card on the right is the one that made the cut.  It’s a word of caution to all you knitters, crocheters, quilters and felters out there. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Look Mama! cards

About gillianloves

I decided there was not enough laughing in my life so I set to and started to design greeting cards in addition to my other design work. I'm happy to make people smile and to show that giving something really good takes as little effort as sending something pretty ordinary. I fully believe that if you can laugh about it someday you may as well laugh about it today. And also that we are just about as happy as we try to be. But you should know, Pollyanna I'm not. Even I might want to slap her after a day or so.
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2 Responses to Being clever at craft is no excuse

  1. @mr_arse says:

    Oh that’s good, that’s DAMN good 😉

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