It’s all about the attitude

Look Mama! greeting cardWent to a school concert last night. It was the usual fair — children who can’t sing, a few that can sing, some twirling their hair. Most were just lovely and enjoying themselves immensely.

There were, of course, the ones who ran the show. Most were fine, well done, pat on the back. Then there were a handful of the other kind. You know the ones, brimming with so much overconfidence they are completely annoying, the kids who have been told too many times everything they do is way-too-fabulous. I’m all for positive reinforcement but when overdone it encourages people to hold unrealistic expectations of how good they are and how interesting everything they do is.

Not only do they fall to bits when they don’t get picked for the lead in “the grocery sketch”, they end up on X-Factor or Idol, likely getting laughed at because really someone who loves them should have had a quiet word. It’s great to dream and imagine great things but a touch of realism and resilience is also so important.

So saying, there was a standout performance of the show.  A small boy who grooved an danced pretending he was Van Halen, air guitar at the ready. He was just being himself, a bit of a clown I expect. He had charisma. The difference with him was he had just the right amount of attitude and there was no artifice in his performance, he was genuinely funny and the crowd adored him. Go legend boy!

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About gillianloves

I decided there was not enough laughing in my life so I set to and started to design greeting cards in addition to my other design work. I'm happy to make people smile and to show that giving something really good takes as little effort as sending something pretty ordinary. I fully believe that if you can laugh about it someday you may as well laugh about it today. And also that we are just about as happy as we try to be. But you should know, Pollyanna I'm not. Even I might want to slap her after a day or so.
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