Roxy Robot

Punk robot that looks like a maidRetro chic! Literally. Sick of cleaning? Want someone to do it all for you? What could be better than this tin robot maid called Roxy?  Well okay, if she came with an enlarge-a-tron to make her full size that would be more perfect. Come to think of it, I think I’d rather have a shrink-a-tron to shrink my big fat ba…  well never mind about that, the fact is, she’s actually plenty big enough in personality alone to brighten your day big time.

A word of caution for the guys though, either buy Roxy for yourself or not at all. Do not, under any circumstances, buy anything related to cleaning for a woman unless you want to appear on a future episode of Bizarre Medical Emergencies having said robot surgically removed. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Roxy is available from Dino Direct.

About gillianloves

I decided there was not enough laughing in my life so I set to and started to design greeting cards in addition to my other design work. I'm happy to make people smile and to show that giving something really good takes as little effort as sending something pretty ordinary. I fully believe that if you can laugh about it someday you may as well laugh about it today. And also that we are just about as happy as we try to be. But you should know, Pollyanna I'm not. Even I might want to slap her after a day or so.
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4 Responses to Roxy Robot

  1. snorkelhead says:

    GAH! Roxy is scary –
    is it lifesize? – that would be very disturbing to have standing around the place…

  2. My son has this robot, she’s way too busy blinking those big eyes at the other robots in his collection to actually clean!! Love Posie

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