Etsy find: pretty pretty baubles by Leah Sawyer

Handmade glass beads, closeup of necklace

I am a bit of a bower bird, it’s true.  I like collecting all manner of pretty things… and these are about the prettiest I have found in a long, long time. So pretty, in fact, that I want them all.

Leah Sawyer is an Australian jewellery designer based in Sydney who gave up  a life of travelling for one of equally thrilling artistic adventure.  Each of her jewellery marvels is combination of hand-made lampwork glass beads, semi-precious stones and sterling silver.

Handmade glass beads, closeup of necklace

Leah says, “The glass is heated in the flame to make it pliable then formed into a bead around a mandrel (thin stainless steel rod), you can then build up a pattern with different colours of glass. Once you have cooled the bead very slowly (in a kiln), you can remove the mandrel and you have your bead.”

For the amount of work it takes to make each bead they are very reasonably priced indeed.

Earrings are about $65US which isn’t too bad for a one-off piece of art. Bangles and necklaces are more pricey but oh-so lovely.

Check out the pretty, pretty things!

Handmade glass beads, closeup of drop-style earrings
Handmade glass beads, closeup of necklace

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