Lucky I can type this…

Lucky I can type this …. because I can’t find my lady pen.

If I ever wondered why I love Ellen I only need to look at something like this and go “yep, that’s why”. Ellen is awesome.



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Has anyone ever told you… you could be a model baby, oh yeah

So I get myself set up to do a little product photography…

Product shot of an awesome coffee mug.

I’ll give you a hint.  It’s a tail.

Oh hello. There you are. I’ve been freaking INVISIBLE behind here.

Cat looking out from behind curtain

So, not much actual product photography, unless I decide the product is the cat. In which case most productive, well done me, I deserve applause. Not that I had any say in it.  This particular model was calling all the shots. I was hoping for a Blue Steel look  to seal the deal but not this time.

Cat sniffing light, cat blinding itself by eyeballing lightbulb

Cat licking it's paw. Like yuk. Cat looking pensive Always looking up, go cat.

Okay this one is not too bad…a touch of Blue Steel. But then he got stroppy, demanded to eat something, and stalked off in a huff. Good talent is so hard to find.

Cat chewing camera strap

I decided the lightcube whatsit would have to get packed away if it was to survive.  I’m all for leaving things out forever so this was a major decision. Man, have you ever tried getting one of those suckers folded up again? It’s nearly as bad as the beach shades except there isn’t any wind, sand and people standing around laughing at you.

Well, there might have been people laughing at me but I gave up and stashed it behind the bookcase. I got it flat. Don’t judge me.

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RIP Rik Mayall

I loved Rik Mayall. Totally and utterly. And as much as his death makes me sad, this clip of him still makes me laugh. Thanks Rik, you were totally awesome.

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I can fly higher than an eagle

I have a thing for eagles.  Kind of a geeky love like the people who spot trains or car transporters… oh, that’s us too, well anyway > eagles are way cool. We get them around my home and I’ve been known to stop the car and point at the sky with a stupid big smile on my face.

Once I saw one with those leather ties on its legs that bird handlers use. Only it turned out not to be leather ties … it was carrying a GREAT BIG SNAKE.  I know. Scream. Luckily I wasn’t standing underneath it.

The snake was all shiny in the sun like a big black ribbon. It was whipping around and making it hard for the eagle to fly. Watching it was making it hard for me to drive since it was a 100km per hour road and I couldn’t stop due to traffic. I wonder if the bird took it up high and dropped it to make sure it was dead.  Properly dead as opposed to ‘partially dead and might come round and bite you first chance it gets’.

You can imagine my delight when I was shown these videos. Take a ride with an eagle. Pretend you are on it’s back ala the Hobbit movie. Whatever you do, agree it is totally awesome. I especially like the way the eagle follows the skiers like it wants to eat them.

If you are wondering how they did it…

People have pet eagles! Just wait until I tell the family that a new puppy is out of the picture.


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I’ve been having a little snooze…

You know the feeling.  One minute you’re….

Cat sitting on printer about to fall asleep

The next minute you’re….

Cat with face buried in printer, asleep.

That’s a bit what this blog has been like for the past few months!

Sorry. But then, I did promise in the beginning that if I didn’t have anything to say I would shut up. So you know, I warned you.

Happy New Year! Can I still say that?  Well, I just did. I hope you have a great one.  

Here we go again on another whirlwind trip around the sun.  And it’s already almost 1/12 gone!


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The perfect suggestion for Christmas leftovers.

You must have had enough turkey by now… what is the perfect suggestion for all those Christmas leftovers? Throw them out.

Turkey Tetrazzini II. TWO. indicating there are a raft of other versions. Turkey and peas. Mmmmmm.

Really. Well, if you can’t bring yourself to do that, you can up-cycle them through the cat or dog first. No cooked bones though people or you will be putting the new room on the vet’s house by New Year’s Eve.

How many quiches, fried rices and creamy turkey pastas can you stand? Turkey korma is just another way of saying turkey coma. And just one word of note at this point: Turkey pizza is wrong. No ifs or buts, it’s just wrong.
Don’t do it.

Okay, so throwing out is wasteful. But eating five kilos of turkey in a week “just to get rid of it” is going to ensure Christmas remains with you for another three or four months as you hit the treadmill to work it off. Except you are so not hitting the treadmill, are you?

Make yourself feel better, thrifty and frugal by investing in a set of Suckerware (aka Tupperware) and freeze the bulk of your bountiful feast. That way you a) feel good now and b) have something to throw out in ten months when you find it at the back of the freezer.

An even better idea is to use the el-cheapo takeaway variety container so you don’t even need to bother wrestling the sad freezer-burned lump of something out of it’s storage coffin.  You can bin the lot.

You know it makes sense.

Find the Turkey pasta image and recipe (plus a horrifying number of
Turkey Recipe Alternatives) here.
Buy heartburn medication here.
Get your new fat pants here or here. Or from the back of your wardrobe.  We’ve all got some… don’t pretend you haven’t.

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The top 5 best ever gift wrapping tips. You’re welcome.

Beautifully wrapped giftsEveryone loves a beautifully wrapped present. They do. I, however, find that the shoddily wrapped present is also adored, especially by the children who have no appreciation of finer points and just want what’s inside. There is a certain joy in being able to tear through the wrapping and rip it to bits in unbridled eagerness to get to whatever is inside — plus, the big pile of shredded wreckage is the perfect present for the cat. Bargain.

I also feel chuffed at having saved myself $10 on designer wrapping paper and special ribbon.  I know, how tight is that? But I’d rather spend $5 more on the present. Then that’s $5 extra for you and $5 extra for me. You know it makes sense.

Whilst my favoured wrapping methods may be cheap, there is no excuse for them not to be fun. Top five wrapping tips are:

  1. The very best wrapping paper is newspaper. Kids particularly appreciate the cartoon section. Continue reading
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